The images taken with your phone are fun and quick to share. Hawaii has a lot of bright shades of light and contrasting dark, only the ocean is full of many shades. Think of a stereotypical beach photo with mountains in the background, or people sitting on a restaurant grounds, dark light dark. This can cause your phone’s camera to overexpose or overexpose your recording and ruin a memory. To help with that, getting an app like “Lightroom” on your phone, in addition to editing photos, can help balance and change tone lighting levels.

Looking to take that picture once in a lifetime while you and your loved ones are on your wonderful vacation in Hawaii? We specialize in capturing the moments you and your family share during your wonderful beach holiday and our goal Maui Hawaii Family Portrait photographer is to make those memories of your holiday last forever with professional photos. First rule of thumb: everything that makes you feel comfortable and safe. That said, we also recommend choosing colors that complement your skin.

After all, your family will view these photos in the coming years. Inform your family about color coordination, but not completely coinciding. Clothing that fits the right color scheme is much more exciting than white shirts and jeans.

What better way to catch your family than with a photo shoot in the evening on one of the beautiful beaches in the Waikoloa / Puako area. I would like to capture memories that you will appreciate forever. Growing up in Utah, Hannah drenched with a taste for the outdoors and walking that is perfect for living on Maui. Within a week of your Maui mini session, it is best to receive a lot of the best photos from the session in a private online gallery. In addition, you can download your 15, 30, 45 or 60 favorite digital photos directly, depending on the package you choose.

But don’t worry, we don’t have to get wet until the end of the session after receiving a lot of photos. If you like to take pictures of beautiful green areas and dramatic mountains, Έao Valley State Park is for you. With many hiking trails, so you can find a place away from the crowds, and lots of beautiful water pools, it is a wonderful place to visit for photography.

Think of the colors and patterns that work together for a consistent appearance. Don’t be afraid to ask your Maui family photographers for inspiration. They should be able to give you more examples to find what works for your family. We posted a preview of his Maui photo shoot on our blog with about 20 photos in about a week.

I would definitely recommend Jelena and Capture Aloha for a photo shoot while they were on Maui. Before reuniting with your family, you should guide them in a costume choice. This gives you an easier time after production and you have both color and black and white options. Like I said, it’s your image and your choice, but you generally see an informal recommendation from a professional.

Sean specializes in wedding photography here in Maui and abroad. He has over 17 years of professional photography experience in more than 25 countries worldwide. In the past 17 years, Sean and his team have had the pleasure of providing photography and video services for more than 2,000 weddings. Richard loves filming weddings and is proud to build warm and customer-friendly relationships. This creates a real relationship with which you can capture wedding moments with great art, joy and sensitivity. Maui is an imaginative backdrop for your dream wedding with stunning beauty, small town scent and first-class amenities.

You won’t find too many professionals on Maui with 20 years of experience in wedding photography. I feel very comfortable working with any type of family and friend and I know how to keep photos moving with the right combination of polite assertiveness and friendly enthusiasm. Our goal in business was always to work together one day so that we could spend as much time as possible in the company and have the freedom to explore when we were not looking for photography.

During the day this is a popular place for diving and at sunset the sky is painted in different pastel colors that you don’t want to miss. If you want something other than your Maui family photographer, work with Danielle. Her personality, described as ‘intraditional, raw and natural’, appears in her work and creates powerful images that are not afraid to be more than real. Her emotional work is underlined by her montage, which is a bit bad to improve the emotions of a session with her. See her if you are looking for more than just beautiful portraits; if you want photos as raw as the moments they contain.

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